Login with phone code

If you work with a softphone or hardphone and do not have a dedicated desk, you first have to state in Telforce what your phone code and phone password is. Then enter your username and personal password.

After entering your password you can press the TAB key on your keyboard and then you can choose the campaign and click Submit.

After you have clicked Submit you will be logged in and you will be called on your phone by the system and you have to pickup. You will then hear the message 'Welcome to Telforce'. After that you can no longer hang up, the connection remains open constantly and the calls come in via the open line.

If you do not hear the voice when logging in, there is a technical problem.

Note: It may be that your organization has chosen to have the device to ring only when an actual call comes from a customer. In that case you will not be called when you log in. This setting can also differ per employee / device.